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We would like to make something very clear that we are offering search engine marketing service via our Global Data Entry Announcement program, freelance jobs via Global Data Entry Jobs Program, data posting training via Global Data Entry Training Program, franchise via Global Data Entry Business Program. Our members are experienced & professional in search engine ads placement strategies.

In this regards, ROC would like to acknowledge you that: ROC is not a bank or other licensed financial institution and does not provide banking services.The amount shown as on deposit, in a user account are not segregated into a separate account but represent unsecured obligations of ROC to the user with respect to the purchase or sale of service through ROC. ROC is not acting as a trustee or fiduciary with respect to such funds or payments, but is acting only as an agent and Amount transferred through or stored in the payment service are not insured or guaranteed deposits.

By initiating and sending payment through ROC, you appoint ROC as your agent to obtain the funds and hold and to transfer such funds to the worker, subject to these terms and conditions.

1. Name of Company: Refresh Online Center (ROC)

2. Registered Address: Head Office: 254/1, Ground Floor, Ibrahimpur, School Road, Kafrul, Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh. Phone: +880 28871966, Mobile: +880 1913290899. Working time: Saturday – Thursday : 10:00am to 5:00pm. Email:

Customer Contact Address: House # 1/B (1st floor), Road # 11/2,Block # B,Section # 10, Mirpur – Dhaka.

3. Web Information: 
Company name: Refresh Online Center
Website URL :
Email Address:

4. Business Information:
Year of business Started: 2009
Record Date : 01 January, 2010
Type of Business: Proprietorship
Legal Status: Trade License No # 0712670 (2009-2010)
Tax Identification Number: 1100-111-0061 /Contractor Circle - 7, Tax zone - 4, Dhaka.

5. Bank Information:
Branch of Location: Mirpur-11
Name of Bank: BRAC Bank
Name of Account: Refresh Online Center.
Number of Account: 1511 2020 5729 7001

6. We accept payment gateway:
Credit or Debit Card (Skrill)
Alertpay (Payza)
Local VISA & MasterCard
bKash (BRAC Bank Company)
DBBL Mobile Banking.

7. Existing Franchise Location:

Uttara, Dhaka
Doyagonj, Dhaka
Mipur-10, Dhaka (Training Center)

8. Company Physical Facilities:
Best office environment with air conditioned room.
3 Type of High Speed internet connection. (Qubee, Discovery Broad Band & Zip Broad Band)
Computer, Printer & Laptop
Telephone & Mobile set
Sufficient Chair & Table
File Cabinet & almira
Helpful Online study Books

9. BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY: Mr. S M Rafiqul Islam was originally employed in IT sector in inception period. He was involved in Bangladesh Navy at Communication System Limited. (CSL) with Telecommunication Sector such as Maintained Telephone Exchange (PABX) and related other systems like OKI, Syntel, Karel & OKI- G Series. Mr. S M Rafiqul Islam has been learning from Global Data Team, California City, USA from 2008 to till now. Courses are online business, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, Virtual Office maintaining, Data Collection and Research, General Audio Transcribe, Content Article Type, Certified Field product Auditing, Proofreading - Web or Off-line & Hundreds of eBooks & Software Programs + Government Grant Programs. He is a Data Specialist. He decided to use his skills to the Internet. He spent years to work heartily on Internet-based business. He has some experience of good and bad on the online. He decided to put his knowledge on the Internet and online marketing business into action. His goal was to find companies that had downsized and would send him work. He found that the number of opportunities for data entry was overwhelming. He then decided to create a program for “Refresh Online Center” to give others the same opportunity. Mr. S M Rafiqul Islam is also one of the founders of the “Refresh Online Center”, it’s also known at home as Online Data Entry work or Several Posting system. The Centre provides Data Posting Training, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website promotional Service and other e-commerce service opportunity on the internet. Mr. S M Rafiqul Islam is currently the Program designer of “Refresh Online Center”. He wrote the programs that we offer our members & event clients today.

10. THE COMPANY: We have been in this business over 3 years. We started our online based business through Global Data Entry Jobs Program (Simple data posting on the internet) with over 300 members at Ibrahimpur in 2009. As a result of our growth, a complete body of workers is now employed with the company.

11. OUR MISSION: It is our mission to succeed in our journey to give the best service to our honourable clients, business partners, freelance members, trainers & trainees. In order to carry on our mission we have initiated offering services on programs like Global Data Entry jobs, Global Data Entry Training, Global Data Entry Announcement, Web site promotional service and other business services.

12. THE FUTURE: We are going to boom the Search Engine Marketing in our country with connection to world’s biggest Search Engine companies and several online servers. With this, we will help the companies both home and abroad in their advertisement of products and services. Our countrymen will be employed as the main manpower of this company thereby creating an opportunity to show off their skills and capabilities and earning much more remittance for our country.

13. WHAT IS REFRESH ONLINE CENTER? We’re the first Search Engine Marketing Company in Bangladesh. We are offering search engine marketing service via our Global Data Entry Announcement, freelance jobs via Global Data Entry Jobs Program, data posting training via Global Data Entry Training Program, franchise via Global Data Entry Business. Also providing Web hosting & Promoting, Buy & Selling, Microjobs campaign, Full Project Posting & free classified ad placing. We have been in this business over 3 years. We started our online based business through Global Data Entry Jobs Program (Simple data posting on the internet) with over 300 members at Ibrahimpur in 2009. As a result of our growth, a complete body of workers is now employed with the company.

  1.  Global Data Entry Announcement
  2. Global Data Entry Jobs
  3. Global Data Entry Training 
  4.  Global Data Entry Business 
  5.  Start a campaign 
  6.  Post a Project 
  7.  Word Blas (Free ad post) 
  8.  Buy & Sell 
  9.  Web hosting Service 
  10.  Website promotional service 
  11.  Mobile balance recharge & transfer  

15. IMPLEMENTATION: We start our business or service since 2009 as the first Search Engine Marketing Company in Bangladesh. That means we make familiar their product, service & website promoting to the web world via top search engines named Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more by our profitable Search Engine Marketing Program.
We know that Search Engine is like a Magic Lamp of Aladin which helps us to find out our necessary data/information through their website or server what we search on here. We’re very well-known with many search engines named Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Search Engine Marketing is a marketing system which presents your product, service & website perfectly to million billion people within a very short time. At present 80% companies of the world publicize their product and service through Search Engine Marketing program. Because it is the only one way that can promote their product, service & website locally, nationally and internationally. It has already proved that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program is more profitable than any other advertise media called Newspaper, Television, Radio and etc. For this reason most the Search Engine and Online Advertising /Media companies such as, MSN/Bing, ASK, Worplook, Bidvertiser, Yahoo, Facebook & Search123 are start a business named PPC ( Pay Per Click) ad placement and promote the Advertiser’s product, service or website to their search engines or media. They can only promote on their own platform. In here there is a big difference between “Refresh Online Center” and the other PPC ad placement companies because we have no PPC ad placement program. We promote and place the Advertiser’s product, service or website to many search engines (01 – 05 pages of search results) with particular keyword. We also promote your data in different Social Media and many more popular online platforms where always visitors view their page for their personal necessity. For presenting the Advertiser’s information to the mass people “Refresh Online Center” has to follow many logical marketing strategies. Finishing this type of big project is not possible without a big worker team so the total online marketing tasks are done by the freelance member of “Refresh Online Center” manually. For this reason we need many experienced freelance worker those who can do our tasks perfectly and make money for their own. Our Global Data Entry Jobs program is launched only for collecting experienced member also the Global Data Entry Training program is launched for making skilled member those who have no experience. We 100% ensure that we’re not a get-rich-quick company and we have no plan to make you a millionaire within a short time. We also make sure that we give the actual and legal online job to our members via our Global Data Entry Jobs program. Our Training program is also very helpful to make you a basic skilled online worker.

16. PROGRAM & SERVICE STRATEGY: All the service is provided by our dynamic website & a person will get maximum service in our website only few program s/he have to contact physically with nearest franchise. The entire programs are valuable all over the world.

17. WORK COLLECTING STRATEGY : Online Market Place: Online working opportunity is excellent with the Affiliate market place, Search Engine market place, Freelance market place, Social networking market place & other online market places. At present millions of companies providing their work on the internet market place.
Local Market Place: We are following the direct marketing strategy & our targeted customers are local companies like University, Bank, Housing Company, Buying house, seller, Buyer & etc. We support them for promoting their various products and service on the internet.

18. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Management, speed, flexibility. The Company will build the highest quality management team, having experience in different types of program we offer. The Company intends to build an experienced management team which will become a critical advantage. Relationships. The Company will develop key strategic alliances with major industry organizations and Web sites. This is a key element of ROC’s strategy and it will build revenues as well as prevent other companies from working with these strategic. First/early mover advantage. The Company will be one of the first sites to achieve a high degree of brand awareness through a combination of integrated advertising, content/product offerings, public relations and strategic relationships. Maximize operating efficiencies. ROC will leverage its investment in technology to realize cost savings and efficiencies in marketing. High switching costs. Consumers will be able to customize their experience, as such, once users become comfortable using ROC’s website; it is likely that they will continue using our service.

19. MANAGEMENT APPROACH: The company structure (Organogram) of presents that CEO is the highest advisory body floor of the company management. The CEO guides and assists implementing the program activities as per the set organogram. The CEO is being the chief executive performance all management and program activates in participation with senior staffs. The senior staffs take major roles in decision making and implementing the same. As state in the organogram, program coordinator is managing and implementing activities with the assistance of coordinators. The coordinator is also expert and experience in program implementation.


21.0 CONCLUSION: Refresh Online Center is always thinking for providing good service to the members and clients. It focuses on the development to the Business rather than the introduction of a particular technology or upon increasing production. Refresh Online Center- ROC will always try to update the process of change, in the Search Engine Marketing & others programs is not simply the object of development efforts, but rather are themselves the prime movers-planners, implementers and evaluators of their own development. Refresh Online Center- ROC hardly believes that Search Engine Marketing is important and they have a tremendous capacity for change.

Last Updated: 25 February, 2013