Increase Your Personal Skill on the Internet
Version: November 2013

Program name : Global Data Entry Training.

Program Description: The ultimate online data posting training solution to increase your skills. 

Program Type : 2 (Two) Offline Training & Online Training

About the Program : There are many members working with Refresh Online Center. Everyday many persons come to Our Office for becoming a member. Some of them are prepared to do the online jobs and some of them are not. For those non – skilled persons we have arranged a training program called ‘Global Data Entry Training’. After completing the training program all members will be fully prepared to do general official works, online freelancing and developing business online.

Type of courses:

1.Basic Internet Browsing: This is start up training for any online user. It is very helpful to do the official works & surf the internet smoothly. In these days, this training is mandatory for any person of any generation to gain minimum knowledge about internet.

2.Online Freelancing:  It’s an essential training program for doing simple data posting jobs to the internet as like freelancing with online marketplace, promoting a website, making a business blog and others to capture the basic internet industry.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The training is useful for the website owners to promote their business to the search engines to get millions of visitors and for the freelancers to get skilled on off-page optimization jobs (Backlink) from freelance marketplace.

4. Internet Business Resource: It’s very helpful for any business holder to grow the business with online as well as to gather knowledge about e-business.

Course Curriculum:
 Course Type
Basic Internet Browsing
1. Necessity of Internet connection. 
2. Browser (Mozilla Firefox).
3. Sign Up Methods. 
4. Email (Gmail).
5. Search Engine Keyword Searching on Google. 
6. Online File Sharing.
Online Freelancing
7. Freelance Marketplace
8. Affiliate Marketplace 
9. Contextual ad Marketplace (For Publisher)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Part 1
11. Free Website Building
12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Part 2
Internet Business Resource
13. Online Payment System
14. Search Engine Advertizing 
15. Contextual advertising
16. Online Merchant Tools 
17. Affiliate Tools
18. Local Merchant & Bank
Course facility:
01.     A certificate will be given to all the members after completing the training. To get certificate, you must participate in our online exam.

Course Requirements: 
1. Need a PC at home with internet connection (minimum line speed 256 kbps)
2. Need to know computer operating system.
3. Need to English typing speed minimum 15 words per Minute.  
4. Need to understand English a little bit.
5. Need to have an ambition and doesn't quit this program.
6. Need to follow the step-by-step training and guidance we give in this program. Course benefit:
1.    Members will be able to perform different types of data posting jobs in any freelance marketplace.
2.    These types of tasks are found in different marketplace like oDesk, Freelancer, Microworkers. We also provide these types of tasks.
3.    Be a successful entrepreneur in the internet industry.
4.    Develop an internet identity for your own, your client or company.
5.    Learn that how to build good quality back links.
6.    Determine the most valid and effective keywords & utilize various tools to refine keyword list.
7.    Understand the tools of social media including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many more.
8.    Easily monitor and manage your online business & brand reputation.

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