Global Data Entry Jobs Program
Work at home- simple data posting on the internet

The legitimacy of our company and the programs We Offer
First, I would like to make something very clear. We are NOT a get-rich-quick company. Looking for this type of opportunity, I am sorry to inform you that the programs we offer are not get-rich-quick schemes. We are a legitimate company, offering legitimate work-from-home data-entry jobs opportunities that have proven success and that we stand behind 100% with our satisfaction guarantee.

01. Program name: Global Data Entry Jobs

02. Program Description: Simple data posting jobs on the internet.

03. Program Type: Non Biding Jobs, Online Platform via E-mail.

04. About the Program: There are many members in “Refresh Online Center”. Among them, some are experts and some are amateur. We offer simple data posting jobs to the internet for the experts and we give them working instruction that what to do. According to instruction if the expert person works 6-8 hrs in a day, he/she may earn $ 5 - $ 20 per day & more.

05. Registration: A registration link has been provided to our website. Submit the form after filling it up. Account will be activated within 3 business days after completing the registration. Confirmation message and member ID will be sent to your provided email address.

06. Account Termination: There is no need to maintain more than 1 (one) account and it is against ‘Refresh Online Center’ Terms & Condition. If you are caught having more than one account, your account(s) will be terminated, your IP address(es) will be banned, your payments will be forfeited and you can no longer participate in ‘Refresh Online Center’ program in future.

07. How to Apply jobs?: After completing your registration process to our website and click “online jobs” tab then click “click here to start jobs” link and choose your job in the webpage just simply click on showing jobs link.

08. Earn money: After finishing a task, if you 100% fulfill the requirements set by employer, your submitted task will be reviewed by employer within maximum 504 hours. If you are rated as satisfied from the employer, you’ll be paid.

09. Payment Withdraw: Minimum Payout limit is $10. Payments are sent via Paypal, Moneybookers(Skrill) and Alertpay (Payza) for International member(s). Bank Deposit on BRAC Bank Limited, DBBL Mobile Banking & Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited are also available for Bangladeshi members. Payments are processed within 30 days (maximum one month after available withdrawal amount on your account). Dollar rate will be considered as per rate of Bangladesh Bank at withdrawal processing day. Withdrawal Charge: $ 2 (Processing Fee) + 6% per transaction. Payment confirmation file type is ‘Excel sheet’ which will be sent to your registered email address with every recent update. click here for see demo of a payment file.

10. Task Rate: We are offering minimum $ 1-3 per hours jobs rate in Bangladeshi workers. The jobs rate is flexible. Jobs rate demo are given below:

Facebook lie $0.016
Signup $0.05
1x forum post $0.05
Craigslist post $0.25
Backlink for SEO $0.16
Yahoo answer $0.020
Bookmarking post $0.05
Web directory post  $0.032
Short article post $0.32
250 word article writing $0.50
and more jobs are available in our jobs page
If any member joins our ‘Global Data Entry’ Program they can easily earn unlimited money monthly. It depends on member’s efficiency & accuracy.

11. Categories: Bookmarking post, Classified post , Forum post , Short article post , Yahoo answers, Directory post, Comment post on blogs, Facebook like, Facebook wall post, Twitter Post, Sign up , Article writing, Craigslist post, Google plus, Fan page creating, blogs creating & More. Different kinds of posting are available randomly.

12. Requirements: PC at home with internet connection. You have to understand English little bit. You need to have basic knowledge about computer and internet browsing. Need to have available resource for the simple data posting works to the internet platform, as like PR5-10 bookmarking website, PR5-10 Classified website, Forum thread, etc.

13. Conditions:

01.  Our programs focus on the methods that are currently in use to generate people income.

02.  Refresh Online Center is not responsible for any dealing with freelancing companies.

03.  Refresh Online Center is not responsible for your online activities.

04.  Refresh Online Center tasks will be published depending on availability of jobs. Nobody can claim for unavailability of Refresh Online Center jobs.

05.  You can’t claim anything regarding your income from the Refresh Online Center rather than the working.

06.  You need to understand English a little bit.

07.  Refresh Online Center doesn’t force anybody to become a member. It depends on individual.

08.  It’s highly restricted to have more than one Refresh Online Center ID.

09.  Depending on situation Refresh Online Center can charge a fee to become a member. The fee is minimum charge and non-refundable to create an interest to individual.

10.  You will not be permitted to register for tasks if you are under 18.

11.  Do not send any wrong information or proof of task to our email.

12.  You’re only permitted to post once in each website & the URL you posted must be clickable.

13.  Acceptance of mistake in data submitting is only 5%.

14.  If your success rate goes down below 95%, your account will be temporarily blocked and you should contact our office to regain it.

15.  Multiple account posting will not be accepted.

16.  If you send us any previously submitted information or proof of task to us, your account will be cancelled.

17.  For any type of task report complain, you’ve to pay $5 as re-scrutinize fee.

18.  If we get same posting report among two or more accounts, the accounts will be banned.

19.  Your submitted tasks will be reviewed within 7-21 days.

20.  In case of payment withdrawal, minimum payout limit is $10.

21.  Payments will be sent via PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill) and Alertpay for international members. Bank deposit on BRAC Bank Ltd & DBBL is also available for Bangladeshi members.

22.  You can also get payment support from our agents, franchises & our head office.

23.  Payments will be processed within 30 days (Maximum one month after available withdrawal amount in your account).

24.  Dollar rate will be considered as per rate of Bangladesh Bank at withdrawal processing day.

25.  Withdrawal charge: $2 (Processing fee) + 6% per transaction (Service charge).

26.  You must have to give your genuine information in our registration page.

14. Updating Information: You can join our Facebook page and share/write/advise anything on our program or follow us on Twitter and share your opinion. We also have a Refresh Online Center newsletter with interesting jobs, weekly tips, news and more.  Our all franchise/agent/B2B partners will provide payment support and more updated program information.

15. Marketing media:  Announcement is published to the following media:
-News paper
-SMS marketing
-Latter Marketing
-Facebook wall post
-Facebook fan page
-Blog create & article post
-Video publish to YouTube

16. Member Support: All of our franchise/agent/B2B partners will give support to their listed members. In a day of the week there may be given free support to the members for solving the problems with jobs.  
  - Free Online Training
  - Free Seminar
  - Email support
  - Phone Support

17. Contact us for more information:
House # 1/B, First floor, Road # 11/2, Block # B, Section # 10, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
Email:,, Mobile : 01913290899
(Online Office time 10:00 am to 5:00 pm BST )