Refresh Troubleshooting Center 

Description: Maintenance & solution for all kinds of computer problems.

About: Onsite Computer Services is a regional service and support company established to provide companies with a single source for information technology including computers troubleshooting. The company was formed in 2009 and provides computers troubleshooting services to Ibrahimpur, Mirpur, Kchukhet and the near area. Our coverage capabilities of our work force, components and delivery within an extensive geographic area make us ideal for computers troubleshooting. Our motto of "service anywhere" can be coordinated through a single call or online request.

Type: The program is designed for troubleshooting and servicing computers by ‘home service’ and ‘maintenance official computer setup’ within postulated time duration. This program includes hardware & software troubleshooting, computer servicing , instant solution by phone, solution by home service, maintenance of official computer setup within  a contract.

Service: Maintenance & solution for all kinds of computer problems.

Procedure: Customers will call us and tell about their problems with computer and seek for solution. Their problems   will be registered and necessary steps will be taken for giving solution. The service will be free If the problem can be solved by phone. For home service, the service charge and other cost will be included with service cost. In case of maintenance contract, all costs will be billed according to the conditions of the agreement.

Vision: The vision of this program is to make a reliable computer service center for individual computer users as well as for big companies throughout the whole country.

Mission: By the program, we’ll focus on giving quality service in a very convenient way by reducing harassments of the people and lowering the servicing cost.
Service & charge given below:
SL No Service Charge
01 CPU servicing BDT 400.00
02 Laptop servicing BDT 2000.00
03 Operating system install (Laptop) BDT 300.00
04 Monitor repairing and servicing (CRT) BDT 600.00
05 LCD monitor repairing and servicing BDT 1000.00
06 Printer servicing BDT 600.00
07 Scanner servicing  + BDT 300.00
08 Home service BDT 600.00
09 Customer service by phone (at your call) Free
10 Customer service by online Free

Customer: Instant solution will be given by phone if possible, otherwise there will be home service if needed or contact our servicing center with affected devices. For contractual maintenance service, the support will be given according to the conditions of the contract.